World Struggling to Understand How Rwanda Creates its Economic Miracles

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By Dan Ngabonziza

The RPF candidate President Paul Kagame has said that the world is struggling to understand the rapid progress, unity and collective spirit of Rwandans building their country.

“The world is still struggling to figure out Rwanda,” Kagame told thousands of Rwanda Patriotic Front supporters as he campaigned in Kamonyi district, Southern Rwanda.

Kagame – the flag bearer for RPF Inkotanyi in Presidential elections, rallied in Kamonyi – what is believed to be the largest rally since the campaigns started on Friday, July 14.

President Kagame told RPF supporters that the world had thought Rwandans were buried.

“23 years ago, they killed us, buried us, jumped on our graves and waved goodbye and left us destitute. But we resurrected. They didn’t know we were seeds,” Kagame said amidst emotional chants.

“We will never let you down…we will never let you down. We have you, we have you,” chanted over 100,000 RPF supporters in response to Kagame address.

Not even a minute passed by without campaign chants in the middle of Kagame speech. RPF campaign rally in Kamonyi also attracted dozens of supporters from Liberal Party (PL) flashing their party flags and donning signature green T-shirts, while other 7 political parties under RPF coalition joined them in chants party songs.

Kagame told his supporters that what Rwandans have achieved sends a clear signal to those who abandoned Rwandans that “We have proven to those who left us for dead that we were seeds that can only grow stronger and build a better life,” he said.

“We are together in this journey. You have me and I have you and together nothing can stand in our way.”

RPF candidate will proceed to Muhanga and Ngororero districts.



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