World Bank applauds Rwanda on project implementation

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World Bank applauds Rwanda on project implementation

The Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer, Bertrand Badré has said Rwanda’s accountability and implementation of the World Bank projects aimed at community development is remarkable.

Bertrand Badré is responsible for the financial and risk management strategies of the World Bank Group and for the institutions that make up the Group.

“As a person responsible for the bank’s money, I am indeed impressed to see how the funds have been used to transform people’s lives. The community has put the land into proper use, they have cows, goats and healthy” Badré said.

Badré made the remarks on July 17, 2014 while touring the Land-husbandry, Water-harvesting and Hillside irrigation (LWH/RSSP)Project, one of the bank’s projects in Rwamagana district, Eastern Province of the country.

The Project aims at increasing productivity and commercialization of hillside agriculture.  It has a holistic approach of land-husbandry, water-harvesting and hillside irrigation (LWH). The project implements a comprehensive watershed approach (but adaptable to the particularities of each site) to facilitate the control of soil erosion and increase land productivity

The project started piloting different techniques on three ecological zones in the sites of Karongi-12, Karongi-13 in Western province, Nyanza 23 in Southern province and Gatsibo-8 Eastern province.

After successful implementation of the program the project scaled up its intervention to 3 mores sites of Rwamagana34 and 35, and Kayonza4 in Eastern province in March 2012.

In September 2013, the project rolled out its intervention in Northern Province in both Muyanza and Gicumbi sites of Rulindo and Gicumbi Districts. So far, the project has over 22,689 families (over 100,000 people) benefiting from the Project activities.



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  1. clement says:

    in these 20 years past, Rwanda has always been in top countries which use well aids and moneny from international funds

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