Women Parliamentarians Give Cows to Poor Families

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Beneficiaries of one-cow-per family initiative

At least 76 poor families in remote Gisagara district will receive cows that will help them in improving nutrition and income.

On Friday as the forum of female parliamentarians (FFRP) will hand over the cows to these families. The forum is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The FFRP Forum has dedicated two days –June 9-10 for this anniversary to empower the poor – cows are the best gift in Rwandan culture.

The cows will benefit 76 poor families in Mamba sector, Gakoma cell in Gisagara district. It is a contribution to one cow per family program, Girinka where Rwanda gave about 300,000 cows to the poor households since 2006.

President Paul Kagame launched this initiative, the government embraced it, and currently, several organizations and individual Rwandans contribute to it.

Girinka is part of the programs that drew over 1 million Rwandans from poverty line.

“Promoting wellbeing of our community is the core objective of our forum and Girinka programme has proved to be the best project to boost our community’s’ welfare. So we chose something that will make a tangible impact,” MP Anitha Mutesi, chairperson of FFRP told KT Press.

On top of this, the women parliamentarians will give water tanks to dozens of households in Gisagara district, to help them access water which is scarce in this part of the country neighboring with Burundi in the South.

They will also attend forums that intend to fight gender based violence and to improve tolerance and good communication for development in the households, akagoroba k’ababyeyi.

They will contribute to fighting malnutrition in Gisagara district while preparing vegetable gardens at the level of households, commonly known as akarima k’igikoni.

Rwanda is word number one in promoting gender among its political, educational and social institutions.

For example, women parliamentarians represent 62 per cent of the House.




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