Woman arrested trafficking narcotics in pumpkin

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Police in Rubavu have arrested a woman who was allegedly trafficking over 1300 pellets of cannabis packed in a pumpkin.

According to Rubavu District Police Commander (DPC) Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Callixte Kalisa, Gerardine Mukansonera was arrested on January 5 at La Corniche border post with the DR Congo as she masqueraded as pumpkin trader.

“We had information that she was dealing in trafficking drugs using different tricks; when she showed up at the border, we searched her thoroughly and indeed we found 1300 pellets of cannabis in one of the pumpkin she was carrying. She had cut open the top of the pumpkin, sucked out the interior succulent to create space and refilled it with rolls of cannabis,” said SSP Kalisa

This is not the first time police has arrested drug traffickers using different trick; in other cases, traffickers wrap cannabis all around their waist, there are those that wrap drugs in form of a baby and carry them on the back while others have been intercepted with the narcotics concealed in traditional milk cans commonly known as Icyansi.

There is also a case when a man masqueraded as a Muslim and concealed the drugs in a Taqiyah (Muslim cap).

“In other situations, we have also arrested people hiding drugs in shoes, others attempt to traffic the drugs through Kivu Lake; women try to conceal them in their head-gears, and there are those using minors to traffic drugs. It’s easier to know all these tricks because of the existing partnership with the residents through community policing; they feed us with information which continues to make it easier to identify and arrest the dealers,” SSP Kalisa noted.

Warning over use of children in drug trafficking

Elsewhere, Police in Musanze District has embarked on an intensive campaign against people who use minors in drug-related crimes.

This followed separate incidents where children have been caught trafficking narcotics, apparently recruited and used by the elders.

The campaign involved strengthening the performance of the already existing 70 anti-crimes clubs in Musanze, creating new ones and holding community outreach programmes.

Inducing a child to use narcotic drugs in any attracts a term of imprisonment of up to 7 years and a fine of up to Rwf5 million as stipulated in article 596 of the penal code.

Under article 220, any person who engages a child in narcotic drugs or in the trade of other illegal products shall be liable to a term of imprisonment up to five years and a fine of up to Rwf5 million.


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