Why Phillipe Mpayimana Didn’t Show up to Campaign in Ruhango

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Rwandans are searching for the answers as to why the only independent presidential candidate Phillipe Mpayimana today failed to suffice in key campaign sites in the Southern Province where he was born.

Mpayimana was supposed to appear in Ntongwe sector at 8am, and proceed to Ruhango sector at 11am, in Ruhango district, but in vain.

Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) flag bearer, Paul Kagame had campaigned in the same district a day before.

Besides the challenge of getting supporters wherever he goes media reports indicate that Mpayimana has had difficulties to finance his campaign even after soliciting contributions from citizens and well-wishers ahead of the campaign timeline.

Apparently candidate started his campaign in different fashion. Mpayimana travelled alone in a Corolla XE 100 salon car, with no banners, used no microphone but his natural voice as he spoke to the traders, and onlookers.

“It takes more than courage. No party uniforms, no flags, no loudspeakers, but we will slowly mobilize people along the campaign” Mpayimana said on Day One.

The whereabouts of Mpayimana couldn’t be exactly traced but his campaign manager Vincent Kayisire said that there undisclosed reasons for not appearing at the two sites in Ruhango.

“The campaign dates have changed. This is why he (Mpayimana) didn’t campaign in Ruhango. The reasons why will be communicated to the media. To save time, the candidate decided to proceed to Nyanza district” Kayisire told Rwanda Eye.

Mpayimana’s team also stated that the candidate is yet to set another date to campaign in Ruhango, and there is a possibility that the changes will affect their countrywide schedule in the remaining 18 days to go.

Mpayimana was also supposed to be and campaign in Nyanza and Huye district (Southern province) this afternoon but reports indicated that there was no sign of the candidate by 3; 00pm.

Time check 3.46pm at Nyanza taxi park where the candidate was supposed to present his manifesto to Nyanza residents and also prime location near Nyanza market- which is highly populated with traders running about with business but no sign of Mpayimana.

Time Check 4pm, and no sign of Mpayimana in Nyanza.

The campaign timeline on a daily basis starts at 8; 00am and end at 6; 00pm, for the next 18 days to the official end of the campaign period.





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