We Cannot Achieve More if We Do Not Work Together-Kagame

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President Paul Kagame has began addressing RPF party supporters in Gisagara district asuring them that they both need each other to achieve more.

“We cannot achieve more if we do not work together and we cannot go faster if we do not each play our part,” he said as #RwandaDecides .

He has also pledged to achieve more in different programmes of development.

Speaking to enthusiatic supporters, Kagame said “when you believe in us, we feel there’s a responsibility we have which is to transform everyone’s life.”

Nyaruguru district residents woke up very early this morning and assembled between two adjacent hills at Nyagisozi sector waiting for their RPF candidate Paul Kagame arrival.

This is the district found in southern Rwanda, lying between the cities of Butare and Cyangugu in Southern region of the country.

“Sincerely speaking, everyone here, even the young ones would have a testimony that they made gains, not losses every other year. Well, some might have done better than others, but everyone reached some point,” Kagame said while adding that he is coming to build from a strong foundation, in the next seven years.

Over 100,000 RPF supporters and members of 8 political parties gathered in Nyagisozi hills. They gave testimonies on how their district has recovered

“Since 1994, 1995, no one would give us a chance, no one would agree that the country would recover unless there was intervention from outsiders,” Kagame said

A representative of cooperative of coffee farmers told Kagame that they started by pulling a coin of Rwf 100 for years, but now have more than Rwf 40 Million on their account He also said, that today, every Rwandan could have a testimony of progress, not regress.



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