Meeting Paul Kagame was a ‘dream come true’ for Wendy Waeni

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By Daniel Sabiiti

Wendy Waeni, a 11 year-old Kenyan acrobat and dancer was the luckiest young girl to be hosted by President Paul Kagame.

Wendy Waeni, a talented young Kenyan acro-Dancer, Wendy Waeni said it had been ‘a dream come true’ to meet Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame.

A single tweet by Wendy Waeni, a Kenyan teenager to President Kagame has forever changed her life and sense of the power of social media.Considering all possible ways to meet again with the Rwandan president in vain, Waeni resorted to social media and tweeted Kagame to remind him of his date with her.

The two had earlier had an encounter in Kenya and Waeni, 11 years old, had asked and was promised a visit came to pass in September.

Reflecting on her achievements in 2016 Waeni cannot forget this date September 10, the day her dream came true after waiting for two years.

“This was my 2016 best moment, re-uniting with President Paul Kagame after 2yrs of waiting,” she tweeted this morning while reflecting on 2016. For Waeni the power of tweeter is not subject to doubt because it earned her a historic invite by a President after failing in other means.

“I believe in social media, one single tweet to President Kagame took me to Kigali’s statehouse,” she told her tweeter followers who were enthusiastic to know how she made it.

“For 2yrs I had tried all means possible to reach President Kagame but all failed. I thought of tweeting him and he replied.”

Meeting with Kagame, the man behind Rwanda transformation, was the most humbling moment for her and a life changing moment. The two discussed many things but one that comes fresh in Waeni’s memory is the power of social media and inspirational advice from a man who is also considered the “ICT president”.

“When I met president Kagame we had a chat concerning the power of social media and he told me always to make good use of social media,” Waeni reflected on tweeter.

This moment of humility has since inspired Waeni to become a better and responsible person in school and indulging in environmental conservation activities back home. At her age, Waeni has been on flight to more than 42 countries, managed to top her class and earned her mother a ticket out of Kenya for the first time.

“2016 was the best year for me. I was able to travel in 42 different countries.”

This year Waeni was also nominated for her work in environment and wildlife and made it to TOP5 at the Children’s Climate Prize 2016 in Sweden among the Young Animal Rescue Heroes.




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