Urubuto Education App to Make School Management Easy

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By Leonard Nshimiyimana

Urubuto education app is one of services Bank of Kigali launched targeting both public and private schools across the country.

By pressing code *775# using an internet-activated mobile phone and follow all instructions, you can get services including school fees payment, monitoring students ‘discipline and marks.

Parents have in the first place to be recorded in the system to have identification code. For instance, when a student applies for permission to go outside, immediately his/her parents get message on their mobile phones.

You can access to Urubuto education system in case you want to see children’s marks by means of your mobile phone.

The software developed by BK TecHouse also enables parents to save their time by paying on mobile phone and schools get instant messages on transactions.  This digital-era functionality will spare schools of piling bank slips and make easy accounting records.

“Urubuto education system is a comprehensive school management solution…this product is very due to us as scholars and, it’s going to transform how education is done not only inefficient productivity, transparent perspective but also parent perspective,” said Regis Rugemanshuro, the CEO of BK TecHouse.

The product has attracted 22,000 students from 29 schools around the country and is due to be expanded to 100 schools following the signing of Memorandum of understanding with Rwanda Education Board.

Judith Riziki Dusabe, one of parents said that thanks to urubuto education application helps parents get updated about their children’s discipline and help them to work hand in hand with the schools to bring them to heel.

As to Leonard Manirambona, head master of Nyanza Technical School stressed that today he oversees school fees payment, progress of courses and transcripts preparation wherever thanks to that application.





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