UN – Rwanda dispatches multi-sector funds

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The funds will also enable Rwanda to curb pollution in 2015

The funds will also enable Rwanda to curb pollution in 2015

The Rwandan Government and United Nations (UN) Rwanda have signed a financial agreement worth over USD71millions (approximately Rwf50billion) that will supports various sectors towards economic development and transformation.

The five year project, which will benefit different sectorsincluding health, environment and disaster management among others, is part of the US$ 400 United Nations Development Assistance Program (UNDAP) agreement signed in June 2013.

US$10,921,349(est Rwf8 billion) will support the Green Economy Programme in the country in four years to enable Rwanda to put in place improved systems for sustainable management of the environment, natural resources and renewable energy resources and energy access, to achieve greater environmental and climate change resilience.

US$ 5,597,336 will see four years reinforcement in disaster management. The funds will reinforce and develop Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR)’s capacity to fulfill its mandate and implement the national disaster management policy which was developed in 2012.

US$6,677,000 will go to prevention of new HIV infections and promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), with special attention to Women and Youth.

The four year program will promote new intervention such as medical male circumcision, to improve access to HIV prevention, GBV as well as sexual and reproductive health services with a particular focus on key population groups where new HIV infections are expected much more

While USD 24,042,500 for 4 years will emphasize effective, sustainable, replicable and results-oriented approaches to health sector development through strengthening government institutions and innovative processes. Key strategies that will be employed to attain the proposed results include evidence-based advocacy targeting reviews of policies and strategies to improve service delivery.

And development and implementation of value chains program in Rwanda also will use USD 23,821,994 is in line with economic transformation as one of the main strategic pillars of the EDPRS II with a focus on inclusive growth and deeper poverty reduction among others.



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