Trust among countries should be earned not expected – Kagame

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President Kagame delivers Yale Coca Cola World Fund Lecture

President Kagame delivers Yale Coca Cola World Fund Lecture.

Cooperation among countries shouldn’t be taken for granted and values of each have to be respected for said President Kagame while giving the coca cola fund lecture at Yale University.

In a speech that centred on values of democracy and how best they can be achieved the President said that the decisions of a country’s citizens should be appreciated for any long term meaningful impact, “A country’s processes may be different but what matters is quality of civic engagement and results achieved in citizens’ lives,” he said.

This was also in reference to the belief that some countries should enforce their models of governance on smaller countries a move some analysts believe is outdated.

“History has shown us that it’s better to facilitate change, build consensus, contain negative effects than engage in slash and burn democratisation,” Kagame further said.

While calling on for humility and better understanding among countries as a more sustainable process in producing more long term benefits, the president said that no one country holds a monopoly on wisdom, “For centuries, the West has preferred to relate to Africa, and similar places, from a position of moral superiority. Imagine how much more we could do together if we always relate to each other in a spirit of humility and mutual respect.”

Earlier in the day on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, Kagame was part of a heads of state panel chaired by the US secretary of state for commerce Penny Pritzker that focused on understanding how best to improve several  developmental sectors in the East African Community.

The discussion focused on the travel and tourism, agriculture technology and infrastructure sectors.

Also on the panel were Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, Deputy President William Ruto from Kenya and Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.




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