Transferring mutuelle registration to cell level is bearing fruit-Kaboneka

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Mutuelle is an affordable health solution

Mutuelle is an affordable health solution.

The Rwandan government transferred mutuelle health insurance to Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) as a definitive step forward to make health care option more transparent for citizens.

State Minister of Health, Dr.Patrick Ndimubanzi has affirmed that letting Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) take charge of mutuelle Health insurance did not hamper with service delivery at health facilities.

“Nothing changed in terms of health service delivery. A mutuelle cardholder still has access to treatment, drugs and an ambulance when needed,” said Ndimubanzi.

Introduced in 2004, Mutuelle de Sante seeks to ensure that citizens , regardless of their financial status – access quality health care.

The state Minister through a talkshow airing on radio Rwanda said the shift of mutuelle to RSSB was not a sudden decision.

“The feasibility study and meetings were conducted for a year and over,” he guaranteed.

The officials said moving mutuelle health insurance to RSSB has helped address past lingering issues about the fund.

“The problem of mismanagement of funds was addressed and transparency in both service provision and funds is being implemented,” said Minister of Local Government,” Francis Kaboneka.

Kaboneka said transparency issues would arise from the service provider being the very one to receive mutuelle payment dues but the two services were set apart recently.

The officials said routine mutuelle sensitization campaigns got 52% of Rwandans to register with the insurance in just a month. Daily, health service providers start with wooing patients into joining the less costly insurance scheme.

Concerning the hard registration process, the Local government minister said transferring mutuelle registration to cell level is bearing fruits.

“We are now assured of a smart process that doesn’t require spending a day on along queue and missing out on productive work,” says Jacqueline Uwimana, Kigali resident.

RSSB is using the help of more than 2000 people dispatched in different districts to ensure registration and acquiring health cards is a swift process.

Mutuelle health insurance has been credited for simplifying health care over the years. A mutuelle cardholder gets treatment at Rwf 200.






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