Together We Will Achieve More – Kagame Tells Karongi Supporters

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President Paul Kagame has urged voters to turn the General Election into a vote of confidence for his government. Mr Kagame, cited infrastructure growth, investment in education, allocations for social welfare, more households connected to electricity, and improved health care to make a case for his third term.

With continued collective effort between everyone, we shall with no doubt achieve more in terms of development.

As political campaigns are under-way in Rwanda to elect a president. The RPF flag bearer told Karongi residents “Let’s continue together our development journey. Together we will do more.”

He thanked the people of Karongi for turning up in big numbers, saying that their turning up in big numbers alone is an indication of a pact that exists between the RPF Inkotanyi and the people of Karongi.”

“Your presence here and coming in big numbers is a sign of the pact between you the people of Karongi and RPF Inkotanyi,” he said to the applause of the thousands of supporters.

He also said that the overwhelming turn up is a sign of our unity and strength of the RPF Inkotanyi.

“After August 4, let us marshal efforts to shore up development in the next seven years. Let us have more schools for our children and electricity in homes and beyond,” he said.




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