Tigo plans to pull more investments towards data

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With the current growth trend of data demand within the telecom sector, Tigo has said it plans pump more investment in data technology.

 The shift comes at the time the telecom sector is anticipating that between 60 to 70 percent are likely to be using smart phones in the next five years in the country, something that provides a higher demand   for data.

“As a telecom we are obviously preparing for the mass migration of our customers from voice to data,” said Shymaa Binbrek, head of Strategy and business Evolution at Tigo International during the transform Africa 2015 in Kigali on Tuesday.

As both the country’s private and public sectors continue to put services online, the demand for data continue to increase thus push for data providers to rethink their strategies.

 “The way we think about  digital is  really driven by data,”  she said adding that the telecom is looking at providing entry level pricing to enable people access internet at affordable prices to be able to use data.

She notes that Tigo is working with phone manufacturers to be able to bring down the cost of smart phones saying although the process would be slow, there is optimism for its success.

“ But our role as telecos is to drive that demand, so what we are doing  is  to  work very closely with  our partners  to bring down  the cost of smart phones s that  people can access  internet,” she noted.

Indeed, experts say that the increased demand for data creates untapped business for the telecoms which they need to utilize.

“I think telecoms don’t understand what is going here. They are still fighting on the penny from voice and competing among each other,” said Michel Bezy, associate director at Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda.

Bezy notes that with the optic fiber covering the whole country which provides a big treasure for the telecoms, the operators need to utilize it through encouraging more developers to bring up applications that would be vital for people to use.


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