Those Who Work Together Go Far –Kagame to Burera Residents

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The RPF presidential candidate, President Paul Kagame on Monday afternoon campaigned in Burera District of Nothern Province.

Addressing the over 150,000 residents that turned up for the rally, Kagame said that the time was now to move towards the next phase of the country’s transformation. “We are here  to celebrate the progress we have made- and voting is a choice of the good things, good politics, to build schools, hospital , farming, livestock, build roads ICT facilities, do business and this is development in general”.

Chairman Kagame said that with collaboration, “We have lived here, fought from here and won-no reason why Burera won’t develop. Those who work together go far. Everyone who plays their part, it makes things faster”.

We will achieve great things together. We are building a prosperous and secure nation together…nothing is impossible to people who are determined to work together,” he said.

He told supporters that if re-elected, he would work to consolidate peace, security and development in the district.

“What don’t we have all this we have- the RPF, Kagame, the political parties. Whatever defeats us will be our own making”.

The Chairman noted that ‘Nothing can defeat us, let’s use what we have especially the schools.  All the dusty untarmacked roads in Burera districts are going to be history in next seven years”




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