Suspected drug dealers arrested in Nyamasheke

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Police in Nyamasheke District is holding a 44-year old man after he was allegedly caught trafficking cannabis.
Emmanuel Munyansaga was arrested recently while travelling  in a public vehicle in Ruharambuga Sector.
The Western Region Police Spokesperson, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald Kanamugire, said: “We had information that Munyansaga could be involved in trafficking of cannabis; so when we received credible information, we trailed him from the time he crossed into the country through a porous border, to his final destination in Ruharambuga Sector in Kanazi cell where the vehicle was stopped, searched his luggage where cannabis was concealed.”
The suspect is currently held at Ruharambuga police station as investigations continue.
He warned that the existing partnership with the general public through community policing and information sharing will catch-up with those still involved in such criminal businesses.
“We have held campaigns and sensitized people on all categories of illicit drug abuse and their ill-effects. Anyone who may attempt to venture into these malpractices should also be ready to face the repercussions. We are grateful for the partnership with the people and we are convinced this cooperation and information sharing will break such rings and ensure that suspects are arrested,” said CIP Kanamugire.
He appealed to all partners; community policing committees, youth volunteers, business community, opinion leaders and local leaders and the public in general to play their active role in crime detection reporting and prevention through instant information sharing.



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