Stolen motorcycle recovered, suspect arrested

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Police in Nyarugenge arrested one Jean d’Amour Nisingizwe on Tuesday, who was found in possession of a motorcycle.

The motorcycle plate number, RD 060H had previously been stolen in Remera Sector of Gasabo District.

According to the Central Region Police Spokesperson, Supt. of Police (SP) Emmanuel Hitayezu, the suspect was arrested on the morning of December 27 in Kimisagara Sector following information from a “suspicious resident” who saw Nisingizwe looking for the buyer.

“When police officers arrived shortly after, Nisingizwe first claimed that he was the rightful owner of the motorcycle, but couldn’t prove it. But along the way during questioning, he admitted that he indeed stole it from someone in Remera,” said SP Hitayezu.

The rightful owner was located later and handed back his motorcycle, he added.

He went on to say that Community policing is very important as depicted in this incident, through which residents work with Police to detect and prevent crimes through real time information sharing.

The arrest comes at the time when the Rwanda National Police (RNP) department of Traffic and Road Safety is currently conducting a countrywide operation against unlicensed commercial motorcyclists and those suspected to be involved in various criminal activities.

Nisingizwe risks a jail sentence of up to two years if found guilty as stipulated under article 300 of the penal code.

The article states that, “any person who commits theft without violence or threat shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of six months to two years and a fine of two to five times the value of the stolen property or one of these penalties.”


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