Serena hotel graduates more in hospitality

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Serena Hotels-Kigali

Serena Hotels-Kigali on Thursday graduated more than 30 employees who have undergone intensive training in hospitality, and English language skills courtesy of Lobster Inkand Inganzolanguage project.

The certificates were handed over to the successful staff who graduated in various field of customer care services in a hotel and language skills.

The Lobster training program, which offers technical assistance, was launched last year May 2013, by the state Minister of education, Eng. Albert Nsengiyumva, at Serena Hotels Kigali

The program is aimed at benefiting Rwanda’s dynamic hospitality industry by identifying, mentoring and developing young people from selected hospitality institutions and by working with students from hospitality colleges, the program will give opportunity to local talent development.

So far the project is being conducted in five Serena hotels across the African continent and according to Lobster officials, the Rwandan based Serena hotels (in Kigali and Gisenyi) are taking a lead in implementation of the program. So far 500 staff members have been trained under this program and each staff is given an opportunity to join the program.

Charles Muia, the Country Manager of Serena Hotels-Kigali, says that ever since the program was introduced to the hotel staff, there has been a great improvement in clientele services at the five-star-hotel.

I have personally followed up this program to find out the reactions of our clients. The fact is that I have not heard any negative comments, instead the clients have been praising my staff for doing a good job” Muia said.

Bart Gasana, the Head of the Tourism Chamber in the Private Sector, commended the program saying that it will have a great impact on the customer care services, especially in the hotels.

This program should be adopted by other hotels, because the services that you provide to the visitors coming to Rwanda, do represent not only Serena Hotel, but the country’s image” he said.

The best overall graduating student, Joseph Munyanshongore, says that the program has enabled him to improve his language skills, and understand the procedures of handling a client at any single moment.

Lobster Ink is the hospitality education system that educates staff and management within the hospitality industry worldwide, using the most detailed, high-definition courses on international skills, international standards and product knowledge.


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