Self-reliance key to stronger civil Society

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Self-reliance key to stronger civil Society

Experts believe that non-governmental organizations can create   self-reliance to offset donor dependence despite being known for relying on foreign funding to achieve their projects

Setting up strategies for income generating projects as well as reducing dependence for beneficiaries would help spur the strength of the   organizations seen to support government’s efforts in improving the livelihoodsof the populations.

“Donors come with   conditions that we find at times cannot manage, and this is the time we civil society look at   building our own societies to help ourselves,” said Bishop Alex Birindabagabo, Director of Barakabaho Foundation, a local NGO said

The donor reliance, experts say has been putting civil society in a tough   situation due to the conditions   that most see as jeopardizing their relations with the government.

“So when these donors give us money and start telling us to fight government we tell them to take back their money,” the Bishops notes

Birindabagabo, says that   embarking on the strategy to  encourage  local  donors, mainly  Rwandans who  are well off  to  extend  funding  to  the needy will help   build self-reliance.

He notes that promoting sustainability through income generating activities together with the beneficiaries will help reshape the   country’s growing   civil society that currently relies much on   foreign donations.

Nevertheless, this according to experts will call for implementation of the new roadmap that will see civil society re-strategizing as well as reshaping their structural organization.

“We have a plan to help our civil society to move into a transition to self-reliance,” said Prof. Anastase Shyaka, Chief executive Officer of Rwanda Governance Board, which among other mandates oversees civil society organization.

Shyaka says that the civil society has been instrumental in creating social economic impact among the populations, saying that their sustainability would be vital in economic growth of the country.

Rwanda is known for   implementing local solutions and self-reliance projects that have helped raiseits domestic funding.

Barakabaho that was set up 20 years ago aims at supporting orphans as well widows to   release their full potential and right to live. The NGO has been instrumental in supporting over 15,000 children mainly orphaned by the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994.



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