Rwanda’s Mango Farmers Can’t Meet Demand

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This year’s mango season was expected to be an “on-year” but turned out to be an “off-year” due to late and patchy flowering. This has resulted in the in a drop in mango production and increase in prices.

Jane Uwingabire, who sells mangoes at the entrance of Kimironko market, says this is due to the fact that the prices of other commodities have not gone down.

In Rwanda, most of the mangoes on the market come from Nyagatare, local mango farmers are unable to provide enough fruit to Rwandans, which means they are having to import mangoes from neighboring East African countries.

Experts have observed that local mango producers have failed to introduce different varieties of mango fruits to satisfy the local market.

“Mostly, in the middle the season, we have fruits going bad and then within a short period of time, the fruits are finished. Our local farmers are not able to meet our orders and the fruits are finished so we are forced to import mangos from other countries like Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania,” Mrs. Uwingabire said.

The current national mango production output figures are not readily available, currently one kilogram of mango has rose from Frw700 to Frw1400 from the farmers to the whole sale price.

One kilogram is sold at Frw 1700 to retail customers.

Frank Ntabana, a global farmer’s limited, a Mango Farmers Association, explained that climate change has presented problems for them, with drought killing the flowers during the flowering season.

He added that they are currently working on a year-round irrigation project to aid flowering. Also, he said they need government intervention to assist with fertilisers, chemical and farming inputs to increase their yield.




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