Why Rwanda’s leadership is an International image for Economic revival

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rwanda-map11Various countries around the world are referring the Rwandan leader Paul Kagame as their 21st Century mentor who paves way to finding strategic pillars for their economic revival.

Under the exemplary leadership of Kagame, according to the recent report; Rwanda is today at the top of Eastern Africa in Economic Competitiveness despite few others and some International organizations which have been accusing the country on involvement of political Problems in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

It may sound as a contradiction to consider one country as a security threat to another, and then call its leaders to share their secrets that have made them more successful in a sector that needs significant security measures.

This is what is happening to Rwanda. There is no need to remind what happened in these two last months, whereby different countries have based their aid cut decisions to the very controversial leaked UN report.

What we tend to show is what the business world is asking the Rwandan President Paul Kagame for advice, seeking decisions to make in order to succeed in accelerating economic development.

It must be noted that Rwanda was recently marked as the most leading country with very good record in handling corruption issues having noted with 2.5 percent of corruption, a head of Burundi that has 18.8percent, Kenya 29.5, Tanzania 39.1 and the Worst being Uganda with 42percent

When he was about to address the World economic forum in China, Kagame was described as “a man with a vision” and a “nation transformer”. Marc Holtzman, the Vice Chairman of Barclays Capital, has said that Rwanda which was once marked by genocide is now an example of an admirable socio-economic transformation. This businessman sits in the Bank of Kigali’s board of Directors.

Others like him are investing in construction, telecommunication, education and other areas. Why are these investors coming to put their money in Rwanda? Why to invest in a country that (according to some) is creating instability and violence to the neighbor? Are all these investors blind to put their business in danger?

According to the recent global competitiveness index report by the World Economic Forum, Rwanda which was at ranked at 70th position last year has now moved forward seven places to 63rd position now globally, out of 140 countries that were surveyed by WEF.

The world economic forum has invited Paul Kagame to share with all; the Rwanda’s secrets which have made it succeed. He said this; “If Rwanda can do it, I am sure many countries can do it even better if they focus and work hard, and I think it’s not an exaggeration that some of the African countries can make a breakthrough among top ten countries in the world.”
Another advice the Rwandan president has shared with the world is security and involvement of people when it comes for authorities to take strong decisions. Was he forced to deliver such a help? Why can’t DRC take Kagame’s advice and then make it clear that only foreigners are causing violence and instability?

In China, President Kagame began his address by inviting all present to be part of Rwanda’s journey. “I invite you to be part of the revival of not only Rwanda but Africa. We want to look at change in the general context of the East African Community to which we belong and of Africa,” President Kagame said.

It clearly seems this is not a kind of a selfish President! A selfish one cannot share everything he knows with others. In all his speeches there is partnership, security, responsibility and dignity which can lead to the sustainable development. His experience is not seen in these days.

Seven years ago, the young presidents’ organization awarded President Kagame with the global leadership award in 2003 and members of the organization from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the UK and the United States have all visited Rwanda to partner on a variety of projects.

Is it a right moment now to cut or bother that partnership based on a report accusing Rwanda to support M23 rebellion in Eastern DRC? People think differently about this. There are even some who think Kagame has been a victim of his own success.

Is it a conspiracy to undermine this success? Or to shake Kagame and mage of Rwanda?  If so, it is now a right moment for the media not to show where they stand, but to show the reality and the real problems of DRC.


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