Rwandan Starts Initiative to Help Rwandans in Need

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By Julius Rwakarema

Pierre Aimable Iryamukuru, a Rwandan behind the Initiative to help Rwandans in need.

Gerardine Mukandanga gave birth to triplets May, 9, 2017. She had five other children and her husband abandoned her immediately.

Life in Rukira Cell, Huye Sector, Huye District, remains hard for her to take care of all these children, especially the new born ones with no money to buy them milk, no cow to have milk for them.

Mukandanga needs $ 2,750 to buy a cow, to buy milk during the period the cow has not yet milk, and to take care of the children. And she cannot get that money herself because it’s not simple for her to work with the three newly born children.

Her plight is among the 20 global calls for help- which include a Michigan based boy, Daishaun, 8 years,- who has been in hospital for the last 8 months but lacks funds for surgery for his epilepsy.

So far, only one person has responded to her need for help raising $50 in last 12 days after her plight was posted on Funddom- a online web based free fundraising platform that lets one live up to their dreams- founded by a fellow Rwandan, Pierre Aimable Iryamukuru, based in the U.S.

Her hopes of having a decent life for her three children will may not soon be a reality, with two days to go for Mukandanga’s request to expire, the founder of Funddom says that Rwandans should start looking at their culture values of helping each other.

“I started this project to remind fellow Rwandans to be mindfully of the culture of helping needy Rwandans back home. This initiative will enable Rwandans financial help other Rwandans in need” Iryamukuru said.

Since the inauguration of Funddom in 2016, Iryamukuru says that several people have received help from global donors with the highest amount of $100.000 donated to Mercy Leader, a 70 year old woman with cancer, who spent twelve years, hospitalized at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago and needed to pay the Hospital bill.

With Funddom, Rwandans in need, who have for years used mainstream media to raise support for medical support, food, and housing will have an new opportunity to speak, and ask for help from their fellow Rwandans- from near and far.

How it works

Through their website many people can raise millions of money on the internet for different personal causes like medical bills, school tuition, business ideas, volunteer trips, animals and pets, travel expenses, business events and more.

  1. Create a fund raising page

First, you will need to create a fund raising page on our website. Selecting a color, typing and message and choosing a picture takes only a minute.

  1. Invite friends

Once you do this, you are ready to tell the world about your need to raise funds. You can now invite your own contacts an even share with your friends on Facebook. Good friends will not only be willing to make a donation but will also be willing to share the opportunity with their friends as well.

  1. Receive donations

Each time you receive a donation, you will receive an email notification showing you who donated to you and the amount they donated. After a few days, you will be able to reach your goal.

  1. Withdraw your money

Once you are ready to withdraw your money, you will simply need to give us your banking details and get a deposit days later.

We have helped thousands raise money online and we can surely do it for you. Get started today. It will take less than a minute!






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