RwandAir’s rapid growth attracts Marriott interest-Sorenson

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By Dan Ngabonziza

Marriott International Rapidly Expands its Footprint across Africa

Marriott International rapidly expands its footprint across Africa.

With recent acquisition of new Airbus A330-200 and its general rapid expansion of travel destinations around the World, RwandAir has attracted Marriott Hotel presence in Rwanda, its CEO says.

The aircraft named “Ubumwe” with a capacity of 244 seats ranging from 20 business class, 21 premium and 203 economy class added Harare, Zimbabwe; Mumbai, India on the carrier’s list of destinations with plans to expand to Western Europe soon.

Arne Sorenson, Marriott International CEO and President today met President Paul Kagame at his office in the capital Kigali, where they discussed a range of subjects including hotel industry and tourism.

Speaking to journalists, Arne said the marketing of RwandAir and its destinations around the world makes Marriott see Rwandan market as promising.

On his meeting with President Kagame, Arne said: “We talked about Hotel business and travel and tourism in Rwanda and we are impressed by a lot of other things like infrastructure, Visa Policy and marketing of RwandAir and its destinations.”

Yesterday, a massive 254 room Kigali Marriott Hotel was unveiled and for Arne Sorenson; “We want to communicate our thanks to President Kagame and Rwanda government for helping us get Marriott open. We would like to grow with Rwanda. We see Rwanda as a very promising market,” he said.

Arne said, the country’s economic growth is what attracts every foreign investor.

“Growth of Hotel market significantly depends on growth of the economy and the stronger the economy grows the easier the business flows. The economy of Rwanda has obviously been a steady performer in each year and the growth has been stronger in a couple of years.”



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