Rwanda : Urwibutso Enterprise launches new potato product

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Urwibutso Enterprise launches new potato product

Urwibutso Enterprise in collaboration with Sweet Potato Action for Security and Health in Africa (SASHA) and its partners International Potato Center (CIP), Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), IMBARAGA, Young Women Christian Association (WCA) have launched the Orange Flesh Sweet potato (OFSP) project based “Akarabo Golden Power Biscuits.” – Rwanda’s first tasty and healthy orange-sweet potato based biscuits rich in Vitamin A.

The SASHA project is operating in four Districts, Muhanga and Kamonyi in Southern province and Rulindo and Gakenke in Nothern province. The newly launched biscuit one of the many products that are already developed through this partnership. These products will be on sale in the supermarkets and local shops in Rwanda and abroad.

SASHA provides the Potato varieties to RAB which does Seed multiplication, and avail it to cooperatives. The Project also provides Factory materials and capacity building to Urwibutso enterprise which on its side does processing. Urwibutso enterprise is a permanent market to Cooperatives that work with SASHA in growing the three varieties of Orange Flesh Sweet potato.

According to Bonifride Mujawamariya, a farmer from Muhanga, for her first harvest she sold the production to Urwibutso enterprise and she was surprised by the money she got from Sweet potatoes.”It was my first time to touch 80 thousand.” she said with a happy smile.

A half of that money used for school fees for her child and she has a plan to increase the produce and expects to buy a Motocycle by next harvest, as she does not worry about the Market. “Since we have a permanent market for our production, I am going to increase my potato yield and get more money.” Mujawamariya Said

Sweet potato production in Rwanda is among the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa and most areas in Rwanda are very suitable for growing that crop. The missing link has been a well-functioning market supported by value chains producing high quality consumer products. A successful value chain provides farmers with a reliable and a stable market improving their incomes and consumers with high-quality sweetpotato products.

The Rwanda Super Foods project is building an effective public-private sector partnership in developing sweet potato value chains. By paying particular attention to women’s participation in the whole value chain, rural households will reap both economic and nutrition benefits.





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