Rwanda-Uganda districts fail to agree on Kanyanga

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Rwanda-Uganda districts

Officials of Gicumbi district in the Northern Province of Rwanda have signed a memorandum of collaboration with Kabale district, in Western Uganda, but failed to agree on one thing- the circulation of Kanyanga (a local spirit) along both borders.

The officials agreed on several aspects in that pact, that will see the exchange of economic, cultural, and social welfares aspects between the two districts.

However, the Ugandan officials could not agree more or less on the curbing down of the use of Kanyanga- which is considered an illegal brew in Rwanda, but a source of business and income on the Ugandan side.

The memo is intended to have both districts discuss issues that affect their residents on a daily basis, and also finding a way forward by streamlining issues of harmony and security of residents on both borders.

Despite falling into juxtaposition over the Kanyanga issue, which poses insecurity for Rwandans and opportunity for Ugandans, the officials managed agree on building a strong information network to curb down crimes, and pursue justice in a vigilant manner.

The Ugandan delegation, led by Patrick Besigye Keirwa, District Chair Person, and Frank Mtaho, the Chief Administrative of Kabare District, also pledged support on curbing illegal movements, and black market trade.

On economic terms the officials agreed to promote agriculture, encourage residents to do business along both sides through business and

Gicumbi borders Kabala district and the two districts have had a long standing relationship which has existed for years.




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