Rwanda to Issue 7-Year Rwf10 Bn Treasury Bond

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Rwanda Central Bank sought on Monday to mop up Frw10 million from the money market.

Rwanda will issue a seven -year Treasury bond worth Rwf15 billion at the end of this month. The bond will be issued through the book-building method, and its redemption date is 17/05/2017.

According to a bid notice by the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) indicates TB issuance programme is part of a plan by government for infrastructure projects and capital market development as the country seeks to reduce its dependence on aid.

The bond will be listed on the Rwanda Stock Exchange on August 30, according to the bid notice. All investors are required to complete bond application forms.

Secondary trading in multiples of Frw 100,000 will commence on Tuesday May 30 on the stock exchange (RSE).Last quarter Rwanda gov’t successfully issued a 5yrs TreasuryBond worth frw10bn with 57 applicants & the final yield standing at 12.375%.

On behalf of Rwanda gov’t CentralBankRw issues TreasuryBonds on a quarterly basis to facilitate government development programmes




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