Rwanda third African country in statistical capacity

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Rwanda third African country in statistical capacity

Rwanda’s statistical capacity has tremendously improved

Rwanda has scored 77 points out of 100 in World Bank’s statistical capacity indicator, ranking third in Africa after Egypt and Mauritius.

Statistical Capacity Indicator provides an overview of the statistical capacity of 140 developing countries.

The ranking is based on a diagnostic framework developed with a view to assessing the capacity of statistical systems.

The framework consists of three assessment areas which are: methodology; data sources; and periodicity and timeliness.

According to the Ministry of Finance, Rwanda scored 60 points in Methodology, 80 in data sources and 90 in periodicity and timelines.

The success is attributed to achievements registered by the National institute of statistics of Rwanda (NISR) since 2009 in collaboration with other government institution within the national statistic system with the five year national strategy for developing statistics.

These include improved surveys delivery and more professional management as evidenced by integrated Household Living Conditions Survey (EICV), National Census, quarterly and annual GROSS Domestic Product (GDP) among others.

“Statistical methodology measures a country’s ability to adhere to internationally recommended standards and methods. This aspect is captured by assessing guidelines and procedures used to compile macroeconomic statistics, and social data reporting and estimation practices.”

Source data, reflects whether a country conducts data collection activities in line with internationally recommended periodicity, and whether data from administrative systems are available and reliable for statistical estimation purposes.

Periodicity and timeliness, looks at the availability and periodicity of key socioeconomic indicators, of which nine are Millennium Development Goals indicators.

This dimension measures the extent to which data are made accessible to users through transformation of source data into timely statistical outputs.

The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda is developing the second strategy for the Development of Statistics (2014/15 – 2018/19) that will support the evidence base of EDPRSII and further improve statistical capacity across institutions in the national statistics system.


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