Rwanda | RSE Report: nine-figure turnover as RSE lights up

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nine-figure turnover as RSE lights up

–          BRALIRWA hits yet another share-price high


A flurry of trades mainly involving Bank of Kigali shares drove total turnover to sky-high levels at the Rwanda Stock Exchange on Friday, leading to a nine-figure return for the first time in weeks.

The total turnover for the day was Rwf 133,138,500 from 1,000,000 BK shares and 5,500 BRALIRWA shares traded in four deals.

It marked a strong close-out to the week at the RSE, as the previous trading session (Thursday) had also recorded a promising showing with total turnover of Rwf 18,439,300 from 43,100 BK shares and 22,700 BRALIRWA shares traded in seven deals.

Despite the increased turnover however, only BRALIRWA share price showed any movement, closing 2 points to the better at Rwf 571 a share. Bank of Kigali stock, despite being heavily involved in the trading with a million shares exchanged, stayed put at its customary Rwf 130 per share. Nation Media Group and Kenya Commercial Bank last traded at Rwf 1,200 and Rwf 160 respectively.

No surprises in store for this week, as bids and offers logged suggest much of the same to come; on the BRALIRWA front, outstanding bids of 40,100 shares between Rwf 570 and Rwf 571 and no outstanding offers, while demand and supply of Bank of Kigali stock is more balanced with outstanding bids of 500 BK shares at Rwf 129 and outstanding offers of 646,500 shares between Rwf 130 and Rwf 132.


Listed companies Price  
Bank of Kigali (BK) 130
Nation Media Group (NMG) 1200
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) 160






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