Rwanda : RDB pledges support in skills’ development sector

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RDBRwanda Development Board (RDB) organized a workshop to establish a Skills Council for the Mining sector this Wednesday 7th November 2012 at Telecom House. The exercise will continue in months to come and it will target to cover eight sectors by June 2013.


RDB has identified four key objectives for every Sector Skills Council. These are: Reducing skills gaps and shortages; improving productivity and business performance; increasing opportunities to boost the skills and productivity of everyone in the sector’s workforce, including action on equal opportunities; and improving quality and relevance of training for employment.


Sector Skill Councils (SSC) are national partnership organizations that will bring together all the stakeholders – industry, labour and the training providers, for the common purpose of workforce development of particular industry sectors.


Eventually the overall goal of this sector skills council is to improve the quality of the Rwandan labour force, and to assist enterprises and workers/students to be more flexible in meeting changing competitive demands to sustain the industries and economic sectors at international level on Innovation and Creativity.


“We as RDB have and will support the SSC’s as part of the answer to the solving of the important need for skilled people especially in key and innovative industrial sectors. We do hope and we count on the fact that the social partners and observatories will engage fully in making such tool a success for such industries but also for other sectors” said Apollo Munanura, Ag Head of Human Capital & Institutional Development.



By bringing together corporate executives, owner-operators of smaller firms, employees, union leaders, educators and interested government representatives, the Rwanda Skills Councils aim at addressing a wide range of issues related to technological change, quality standards, planning, and human resource development.


The agenda for new skills and jobs is to support concrete actions that will equip with the right skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow, added Apollo Munanura, Ag Head of Human Capital & Institutional Development.

RDB and its strategic partners will support the networking and the activities of the SSC’s through well-developed web portal which will allow exchanges between key players and to provide with a regularly updated collection of pedagogical materials – courses, lesson plans, activities and audiovisual resources that cover both information on the specific sectors and strategies for adapting to and improving the current Labour Market.


Practically, the skills council will mainly aim at identifying and monitoring training needs, communicating on the training needs towards Education and Training entities, promoting of matching activities between identified training needs and market offer, and elaborating and supporting specific projects and initiatives at national levels.







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