Rwanda Police Hands Over Recovered €300,000 to Owner

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National Police (RNP), on August 1, handed over the Euros 300, 000 (Approx. Rwf291m) to rightful owners – UAE Exchange Rwanda LTD, after it was recovered from two suspected thieves over the weekend.

The money was handed over to UAE Exchange Country Head, Naghoor Riyaz by the Police spokesperson for the City of Kigali, Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu in an event held at Kigali Metropolitan Police Headquarters in Remera.

Speaking shortly after receiving the money, Naghoor said he was “overwhelmed by the swiftness and professionalism exhibited by RNP officers from the time the case was reported to the time we were informed that our money has been recovered.”

“In just six hours from the time we reported the case to the time the money was recovered; this sends a strong message that police will always be there and watching your back. It is a strong assurance to investors,” Naghoor said.

“Any investor would want to operate in a country like Rwanda where security is guaranteed, and when such an incident happened you are assured the police will fix it.”

The money was allegedly stolen last week by Alexis Nkubito, a company employee while parking the money that would later be airlifted to Dubai.

Nkubito, who was supposed to send Euros 3 million, but he instead packed and sent only 2.7 million Euros.

The alleged theft was reported by the recipients in Dubai, who reported having received less the expected amount.

“We immediately informed the police; officers came and reviewed all our security systems and CCTV cameras. It’s from the camera recording that the police singled out Nkubito as a prime suspect,” said Riyaz.

Police followed the money up to Gatsibo where it was recovered from Nkubito’s young brother. The two siblings are currently in Police custody.

Meanwhile, Supt. Hitayezu thanked the company for having filed the complaint in the quickest time possible to facilitate successful investigations



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