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By Geoffrey Mushaija

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In his opening remarks, President Kagame reminded participants that this retreat shouldn’t be seen just an annual event but that it should rather inspire the various leaders to innovate ways to address national developmental challenges.

Rwanda national leadership retreats are hailed golden opportunities and testimony to His Excellence Paul Kagame extraordinary qualities of leadership. These qualities stand out  in humanistic vision, easy grasp of complex problems, sharp intellect, ability to listen and make quick decisions, authority which attracts trust and above all, absolute integrity.

 Rwanda tragic history of horror stories had no room for indecisive leader than a shining leader who gives his decisions quickly and ambiguously. Gone are the days when public institutions were packed with government officials who could no function but slowed government services.

Rwanda national retreats broke bureaucratic tendencies in service delivery which boosted the morale of government service providers and users. Questions of issues in implementation due to bureaucratic obstruction for no logical reasons but careless blocking a constructive project are quickly becoming history-courtesy of His Excellence Paul Kagame leadership qualities.

His consistent and effective support to different institutions in unexpected ways impresses many within and beyond Rwanda. Despite many government achievements, His Excellence conversation with leaders is always is to recognize the value and significance of a dialogue to resolving problems particularly national issues.

National leadership retreats are linked to the brilliant creation and contribution of diverse pro-poor policies and programmes with immeasurable achievements. Innovations and initiatives clarity nurtured by His Excellence Paul Kagame should be seen against the Rwanda’s tragic history to gain proper perspective.

His Excellence Paul Kagame extraordinary leadership qualities made Rwanda to be correctly known and admired all over the world with volumes of flourishing praises which continue to evoke interest in our country.

His vision and practical ideals, conscious inspirations and rational choices to address the diverse needs of Rwandans are highly significant landmarks for the future of Rwanda. This reveals a far sighted visionary leader who addresses the manifold problems affecting Rwandans. National retreats participants are always assured of his enthusiastic, formidable and unfailing support.


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Olive Ndaka is the Junior Editor for RwandaEye. An investor and young entrepreneur, she is a quick learner and has contributed many articles for RwandaEye in Kinyarwanda.

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