Rwanda food processors urged to adhere to standards

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Rwanda food processors urged to adhere to standards

The milk processing section at Inyange Industries.

Food processors and manufacturers have been asked to meet the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), an International food safety management that ensure food products meet the required standards.

This will mean that the safety of consumers will be guaranteed as the system looks mainly into addressing food safety through analysis of chemical, physical and biological hazards in the whole value chain.

“Ensuring the safety of food is critical since it concerns our healthy which is our life,” said Dr Mark Cyubahiro Bagabe, Director General of Rwanda Standards Board-RSB on Tuesday.

The standards body says that products like meat, juice drinks, yoghurt, other dairy products, manufactured foods products need to be compliant to the food safety management system.

Also, the system will provide confidence in consumers in both local and international markets of their safety while also giving businesses an opportunity to increase their sales and thus widening their profit margins.

“Lack of compliance can influence the health of the consumer and damage exports from Rwanda,” said Beatrice Uwumukiza, Director General of the Rwanda Agriculture and Livestock Inspection and Certification Services.

Uwumukiza says that the analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) will help in streamlining Rwanda’s meat industry which has been facing challenges in sanitary and phytosanitary pushing the government to intervene.

“For export of meat and meat products, a HACCP system will help with assuring a safe product helping in gaining new markets and keeping the already acquired,” she  adding that it is, “therefore necessary for food businesses and stakeholders in the value chain  to be familiar with HACCP.

The ministry of Agriculture and Animal resources recently embarked on efforts to ensure the safety of both meat and dairy products in the market while also looking at boosting their exports.



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