Rwanda Electoral Politics of Aspirations

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By Geoffrey Mushaija

Supporters attend a campaign rally for incumbent Rwandan President Paul Kagame

In Kigali or deep in the villages, ordinary people are busy going about whatever they do to earn a living.

Politicians are doing their talking explain their party manifestos no one is talking of violence – it’s  the so called  foreign experts, journalists and rights activists who have been predicting it over and over again for the years the RPF has been in power.

Rwanda aspirations cannot be compromised by confusion from theorists. 2017 Rwanda presidential election campaigns mammoth crowds in favour of President Paul Kagame is a consistent manifestation of their trust in him because of his record in fulfilling their aspirations. It is this understanding and demystification of deceptive electoral politics narratives by theorists that has saved Rwanda from regrets.

Rwandans aspirations and their quest for prosperity are yielding a striking vibrancy in the dynamics of the current Rwanda presidential election. It is this striking rebirth of Rwandans spirit of togetherness under the leadership of President Paul Kagame that has impressively produced quantitative and qualitative citizens’ testimonies of success stories throughout his campaign trail beyond question.

No alien calculations can taint the indispensable Rwanda electoral brand and unshakable faith Rwandans have in President Paul Kagame due to his bravery and visionary leadership. It is under President Paul Kagame leadership that Rwanda has achieved invaluable breakthroughs in the struggle for prosperity in the interplay of world forces.

Rwanda presidential election is characterised by testimonies of ideological clarity, exhibition of extraordinary skills, revival and recognition of our indigenous democratic basic values to build of a nation of character, rebirth of once diminished Rwandan glory under colonialists and post-independence regimes, zealous and quest for alternative prosperity imperatives and celebration of citizen responsive leadership.




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