Rwanda Displaced in Global Corruption Ranking

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By Daniel Sabiiti

Marie-Immaculée Ingabire, the chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda at the release of the report in Kigali yesterday.

Transparency International (TI) Rwanda has refuted claims that Rwanda was displaced from its global ranking because of derailing six positions in the 2017 global corruption ranking Corruption Perception Index (CPI) report.

Despite Rwanda’s improvements from 2014-2015, a CPI report released Wednesday shows that Rwanda ranked 50th globally compared to a 44th position from a previous report in 2015, despite the country retaining its 54 percent points score as before.

“This ‘set back’ doesn’t mean that we did nothing to fight corruption…it’s because there were new entrants in the ranking from the Caribbean countries-who don’t have much human traffic,” said Marie-Immaculée Ingabire, the chairperson of TI Rwanda.

Normally, if a country displaced another in a report ranking, it implies that country has performed better than the other, but Ingabire said this disconnection could be valid if Rwanda has rolled back on its points.

She explained that Caribbean countries have small populations and thus less traffic which is the reason why they competed equally with Rwanda in grading.

“When you have a class of 20 students and you add more 10 students, and they perform well they definitely will displace the others in ranking but not in points. The fact that Rwanda retained the percentage is because we kept a momentous fight and effort against corruption,” she explained.

On a consolation side Rwanda once again scored best in the East African Community (EAC), followed by Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Burundi respectively, and followed Botswana, Cape Verde and Mauritius in Sub Saharan Africa ranking.

This comes at a time when Rwanda’s internal evaluation on corruption indicates positive signs on the war against corruption and bribery despite the fact that the dimensions have changed over the years requiring the local watchdog to dig into more research areas and recommending punitive measures.



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