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Atlas Windows-  RwandaAtlas Windows Ltd Rwanda is one of the newest companies that manufacture UPVC windows, doors and partitions since 2011. The coming of Atlas products was an evolution to the building and construction sector in Rwanda especially that these products were unknown and never used for many year among Rwandans.

The company is located in Gikondo, a few kilometers away from the industrial area in Kicukiro district. It is owned by an Iranian investor, Siavoush Alinejad, who is married to a Rwandan woman and has double nationality as Rwandan local investor.

Though it operates in a rather smaller factory space, it is visible that the work done (for clients) is very unique to the Rwandan community and many clients flock in the factory to make their orders on a daily basis.

Josiane Uwera, the Atlas Windows Marketing Manager says that the raw materials used are imported from Germany and clients are very satisfied with the quality of UPVC products made in Rwanda.

Since the products are manufactured in Rwanda, Uwera says that the prices have been made affordable so that many Rwandans can adopt and use the new forms of construction accessories.

“The market has been expanding and the demand is fairly high, but we are still faced with the problem of Chinese products on the market- which may look fancier but not long lasting in comparison to our products” she says.

Each square meter of UPVC products plus accessories are sold at Rwf85.000 (inclusive of VAT) and these prices keep changing depending on the purchase prices of raw materials on the world market, Uwera says.

Atlas Windows are quality suppliers of UPVC windows, doors and conservatories.  As a well established business we have built our reputation on 20 years of experience offering quality, choice, service and value for money.

By choosing Atlas Windows you are guaranteed new windows of the highest quality.

If you are considering replacement windows, doors or adding a conservatory, rest assured that it will be hard to find a better choice for performance, style and quality than Atlas Windows.  The company is confident that its products are not only among the best on the market but provide excellent value for money.

“We pride ourselves on providing the best products and consistently achieving the highest standards backed up by first class customer service.  Dedication and attention to detail ensure an excellent product is delivered to our customers” Uwera says.

Uwera says that the factory has a big capacity to feed the local market, but since the product is very new to Rwanda, there is need to steadily promote UPVC products so that the company can expand its production in future.

Not only will UPVC products enhance the appearance and value of your home, they will also greatly reduce the amount of maintenance required, provide extra warmth and soundproofing and perform longer than replacement windows made from other materials.

The appearance of your home is very important so you need to be sure your replacement windows will be perfect.  Atlas Windows offers a broad selection of high quality slim line profile products in a wide range of styles, finishes and colours to suit the character of your home, be it conventional modern styles or traditional.  The company is also able to advise you on your best design options, technical practicality and what is permissible under Building Regulations.

All fabricated products are manufactured in the internationally acclaimed REHAU and VEKA systems. All products are kite marked to BS7412 whilst all our operations are conducted in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

Through the use of the latest technology, the expertise and experience of our staff and our commitment to outstanding customer service Atlas Windows has gained a reputation for excellence.

Due to importance of non-renewable energy sources and regulations, regarding economization of its consumptions, this matter has become the focus point of most energy using branches of businesses.

Construction industry, as one of the most important energy-consuming fields, uses about 30% of all the main items on designing, calculation and choosing the materials of construction companies and engineers. Doors and windows, as a buffer between outside environment and inside of building, play a critical role in amount of energy lost. Using the right kinds of materials in manufacturing of windows and doors prevent energy lost and brings down the cost of using energy in building and houses.

Therefore using UPVC materials, as main construction material in the manufacturing of doors and windows stated in the late 1960’s in Europe. The elegance of the end products and variety of colors has made UPVC the main material in manufacturing doors and windows in developed countries. Right now, more than 70% of all doors and windows in European countries are made from the UPVC material.

Rwanda is now among the countries and communities around the world that shares this prestige of having UPVC material – that is not only cost effective, but also environmental friendly.

In addition to elegance and beauty of windows and doors made in UPVC, there are so many advantages of windows and doors made by UPVC in the construction sector. Some of these include:  one can be sure of reduction on sound pollution and on energy used for cooling or heating the building; there is no need for maintenance or re-coloring; a reduction on dust pollution is guaranteed due to a special crevice band used in the products.

The UPVC windows and doors, by nature are also impermeable by rain and have stable colour against sun rays; the products also have a long life expectancy, fire and decay resistant; and have acidity and oxidation residence.

The products are surely suitable to be used with different kinds of accessories, with multiple layer glasses and are environmental friendly (recyclable) and very cost effective in terms of cleaning and installation is very easy.

To ensure that these advantages are on target, the UPVC windows and doors are produced under quality control- for example- Heat resistance test up to 150 degrees Celsius, color change test against Ultra Violate (UV) Ray, profile boiling point test, cold brittleness resistance test up to 40 degrees Celsius, shock resistance test in below zero temperature, physical dimension precision test and surface smooth degree tests.

All these are done to ensure high quality long lasting and perfection of products from UPVC against other ordinary materials, just for consumer satisfaction.






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