Rwanda App Developers Simplify Stock Tracking

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By Kalinda Brenda

Jean Niyotwagira:The CEO and founder of Torque Ltd

Within four years young Rwandan entrepreneurs are have become millionaire from a cargo and good tracking application developed locally.

Jean Niyotwagira 29, and together with his two colleagues developed TorQue App after graduating from the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology.

Niyotwagira, the CEO and founder of Torque Ltd, says the application was developed as a solution to provide a reliable, easy and quick way to monitor business.

“With this App one can monitor their business transactions without moving from one point. It can easily track the stock markets and make a stock order for another supplier who uses the same application without doing any movement,” Niyotwagira said.

Currently, the application is used by large scale producers and corporate companies like Bralirwa- Rwanda’s leading beer and beverage factory

Corporate companies like Tigo- Rwanda and Prime Insurance Company have already bought 10% of shares of Torque ltd.

Niyotwagira told Kigali Today that their company through its App has been growing on a daily basis and they are soon planning to open branches in other African countries.

“We are planning to extend our operations to the entire continent, we are starting with Ghana, Nigeria from there we will have a clear vision of other countries as well,” he added.

TorQue Ltd is now worth $2million and it has more than 200 active users.

With TorQue’s success in Rwanda, the company is also planning on more services will be added to their platform to cover more areas of mobile money transfers- which is also a lucrative business earning millions annually.








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