INES-Ruhengeri Embraces Drones for Environmental Research

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By Daniel Sabiiti


In the digital era, everything revolves around information. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UASs”) (a/k/a “drones”) are important because they can play an important role in agricultural info-economics.

Ruhengeri INES will soon become the first university in Rwanda to adopt the use of drones in its pursuit for technological know-how in research works and mentoring its students.

Dr. Fabien Hagenimana, the university rector said that the drones will be introduced to improve research work especially in the course material used in soil management and topography studies at Musanze district-based campus.

“Drone photos are very clear compared to the satellite images and those taken inside planes-which we have been using here” Dr. Hagenimana said.

The introduction of drone science at this university is expected to improve the manner in which land consolidation programmes are conducted- with drones bringing back precise measures that will enable communities to improve on their land management.

The Ruhengeri INES graduate students will also be leveraging the competitiveness on the current job-market which is tending towards technological skilled labor.

Rwanda is officially the first country in the world to have a drone port and Zipline drones will deliver blood to 21 health facilities in Northern, Southern and Western provinces of Rwanda.

President Kagame has said that Rwanda is determined to invest more and willing to do so because it’s convinced that technology will address the country’s challenges of the future and this will only be possible by working with good patterns like Zipline and getting citizens involved.

“The aviation sector is becoming very important to Rwanda that is why we are investing into aero technology. Rwandans have learned to embrace innovation, especially when it is clear that it can help us solve the challenges we face” Kagame said

Kagame also said that in order to get the full benefit of it we need to educate and sensitize citizens to understand its importance in simple ways-which is within Rwanda’s means.

“Technology becomes relevant and meaningful when it works for people and also addresses challenges they face in different fields” he said.





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