Rubavu: Proprietors cautioned against delay in tax payment

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Rubavu Proprietors cautioned against




A meeting between Rubavu district officials in charge of taxes and Rubavu sector residents who own houses for rent was held on the 15th.Dec.2011 in the district’s main hall to discuss about the rules and regulations governing the business of house renting.

Aaron Habimana, the official in charge of taxes in Rubavu district opened the meeting by thanking all participants and informed them that the meeting was to brief them on tax payment and the law penalising those who delay in payment.

Habimana went on to say that the law, number 17-2002 of the 10th May 2002 in its 55th article states that houses for rent are taxed 30% of the paid rent every year. He said, “no one pays the tax happily but this amount is not too much for the whole year!”

He went on to say that from1st January 2012, house owners should start making known the properties that pay taxes since the last date of tax payment is 31st.March of every year. When the tax payer delays paying the taxes, they are asked to pay a certain fine and instead of paying 30%, one pays 40%.

When15 days are over without paying the taxes, the clerk informs him through writing and when 8 days elapse without responding, his assets are auctioned. He went on to say that because Rubavu residents understand the importance of taxes in the country’s development, such penalities will never be applicable.

He said, “Businessmen are the most people we work with that don’t pose any hindrance. When we reach the date for tax payments, they remind us and so I hope that renters will do the same.”

In all questions that were asked, there was a problem that sometimes tenants don’t pay rents and yet owners keep paying taxes. Another problem is the misunderstandings of property cards and then payment of taxes.

Concerning the taxes for land, he reminded them that the deadline for payment is 1st.Jan.2012, and those who have not yet paid were asked to do so. This program of explaining to people about tax payments on houses will be done in all sectors of Rubavu district.




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