RNP complete South Sudan rotation

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The rotation of Rwanda Formed Police Unit One and Two under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) ended on November 8 with the send off of 120 police officers and arrival of the equal number.

The flagged off officers are part of FPU2 contingent 0f 240 peacekeepers, which replaced other 240 under FPU1, who successfully completed their one year mandate.

Commissioner of Police (CP) Vianney Nshimiyimana, Commissioner for Training, on behalf of Rwanda National Police (RNP), presided over the departure and arrival of the peacekeepers at Kigali International Airport.

FPU2 is headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Barthelemy Rugwizangoga while ACP Rogers Rutikanga, who headed the last batch on their return back home, was the contingent commander of FPU1.

CP Nshimiyimana, while addressing the returned peacekeepers, noted that the “duty to building international sustainable safety, security and peace continuous back home.”

In his part, ACP Rutikanga said that “discipline” was the best factor in achieving their mandate.

“The discipline of Rwandan forces is the foundation to success and I want to thank all these peacekeepers for staying put, sacrificing for the good image of their country and the people of South Sudan,” ACP Rutikanga said.

While detailing their achievements in South Sudan especially in Malakai of Upper Nile, where they were based protecting the internally displaced persons, among other responsibilities, ACP Rutikanga said that they (left a message of love, partnership and unity to the people of South Sudan,” ACP Rutikanga said.

“In peacekeeping activities, we were also sensitizing and teaching them on the ideal of unity especially that we also experienced some of these conflicts in Rwanda; so, we were using this experience to show them that they are one people,” he added.

“When you are in such international duties, you meet with a lot of people with varied experiences, to some of these peacekeepers; it’s their first time to be in such societies with different background. We have come back with that international status that can guide each and every one of us to fit and work in every environment.”

Currently, RNP maintains about 1000 peacekeepers in different missions, with over 800 of them organized in five FPU contingents with three of them in Central African Republic (CAR) while the other one is deployed in Haiti.


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