Returnees on why President Kagame needs more time

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Returnees on why President Kagame needs more time

The returnees in Gashora sector in Bugesera district have called for the amendment of article 101 of the constitution to lift presidential term limits saying that President Paul Kagame’s work is only half done.

Karekyezi Veniste, 54, a resident of Gashora sector in Bugesera district says that  Kagame has cautiously employed home-grown solutions like Gacaca (traditional court systems that tried genocide suspects), performance contracts, girainka (one cow per poor household) to address domestic affairs, taking the livelihoods to higher level.

Returnees on why President Kagame needs more time2

“I remember living as a refugee in a foreign land where I didn’t have hope of coming back to my home country but President Kagame made my longtime dream come true.” said Karekyezi Veniste.

He also mentioned that when he came to Gashora sector in 1994, there were no schools and health centres but now children can access schools.

It was their dream to return to their beloved country and their dream came true, a reason they want president Kagame to run for third term.

“So the question is are we better off than before? The answer is how we could not give President Kagame more years to turn around the absolute mess that the past regimes left! We don’t need him for just seven years, we need him for more than that” Karekyezi explained.

Most of the returnees as they say spent decades in exile in countries like Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda and didn’t not have hopes of coming back.

Like Karekezi,  residents of Gashora sector narrated their ordeal in the poverty stricken life they were leading until the government lead by president Kagame started income generating projects to assist them get out of poverty.

“I never had hope of owning a cow but now I have one and I am happy for President Kagame, this is the reason I want the article to be changed and he leads us forever,” said Mukandekezi Isabela.




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