Relief as Mineduc Drops Ban on INES Musanze

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By Kalinda Brenda

Landlords in Musanze district have reason to smile again after the Ministry of Education lifted a ban on the catholic University that had been shut down four months ago.

“Since these students left, life became hard. Their departure was a surprise we were not prepared in any way,” Jean Yves Murerwa, one of the landlords said.

Before the university operations were suspended, more than 100 students rented Murerwa’s hostels adjacent to INES Musanze- a higher learning institution run by the Catholic Church.

In March 2017, the Education Ministry issued a directive banning various courses in 10 institutions and universities. Affected universities were found with; poor infrastructure and unqualified staff.

Three faculties at INES Musanze that led to its closure included; Civil Engineering, Biomedical Laboratory and Food Science because they lacked senior lecturers – with PhD and high technology equipment.

Students parked their bags and left the institution following the ban in March – this left most hostels empty.

Murerwa said, he had suffered for the last 4 months and luckily enough, his prayers have been answered at the right moment.

Since 2015, Murerwa has been earning Rwf 800,000 per month from his hostels, which helped her build a family house and enroll his children in the best schools.

On top of this, since 2016 he has been servicing a bank loan of Rwf 120 million which he used to build the hostels and to start new investments.

On July 5, the school announced its students that they have reopened faculties and Murerwa started receiving calls from students telling him they would be back and indeed, a half of the hotel was booked as the faculties reopened on Monday.

On Monday, INES held a ‘Welcome Back Event’ to celebrate the school reopening.

Father Hagenimana Fabien, director of INES presented to the students senior lecturers that were imported from Europe, and laboratory equipment.

He said to fulfill the requirement the school invested Rwf 100 million.

“We have learnt a lot from our past experience and the school looks new to you but it’s still yours. Feel at home as usual and expect only the best from us,” Hagenimana told students.

Ndayishimye Patrick a student in civil engineering expressed his happiness saying that he had been a laughing stock in his village.

“Some of my neighbors said I am a failure, others said I am fake among other bitter insults,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ministry of Education told the media in May that affected higher institution that will not have fulfilled the requirements in September will be closed for good.




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