Regional Accountants to meet next month

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Regional Accountants to meet next month

Professional accountants from the region are meeting in Kampala for a threeday convention to   reflect on the issues that would   contribute towards economic growth and   capacity building.

The  convention also comes at the time  several sectors  are looking at widening their  presence in  the region  which means the need   for a strong network  for professional accountants is vital  in  helping   foster the integration.

“This is critical at this stage when many sectors are looking to widen their regional footprint,” said Beatrice Isagayite Head of ACCA Uganda.

She adds, “This will provide our members as well as all attending finance andbusinessprofessionals an opportunity to discuss and reflect on theissues that    will drive regionaleconomic growth…”

The convention that will run on the theme, ‘Eastern Africa, the next growth frontier’ will be held on  November  25th – 27th  in Kampala, Uganda will bring  together  professional accountants from Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan  and Eritrea and other sub Saharan  countries.

The convention will among other things focus ona number ofregional sectorialgrowths of capitalmarkets, regional integration issues, entrepreneurship, oil and gas among others.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global body for professionalaccountants.

Accordingto Japheth Katto, a fellow   of ACCA who is also the ACCA council member the will be a great way for us to discuss how public value resonates here in eastern Africa but also across this continent.

“I truly believe thataccountantsand finance professionals have a critical role to play inAfrica’s growth,”

To foster sustainable economic development Japheth believes “is all about delivering what ACCA calls public value- acting in the public interest, promoting ethical business and helping grow economies.”

The convention is also looked as  a platform for   accountants to share   their expertise  and address the  gaps that are lingering in the  sector  that are due to the increasing  demands and changing dynamics  within the market.

“The convention will not only providea professional networkingopportunity at a regional level but more importantly contributes to the continuousprofessional development,” he adds

Thus this according to Japheth will keep the learning of the professional accountants at par with the required global standards.



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