RDB gets a new Board of Directors

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The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has a new Board of Directors. The board was announced by the cabinet meeting that sat on Wednesday May 8, 2013.


According to the law that puts RDB in place, the Board of Directors is composed of the Chief Executive Officer, the Deputy Chairperson who is in charge of promoting private sector activities and other members appointed from outside RDB.

The law states that the Deputy Chairperson is chosen from members of the Board of Directors who are not employees of RDB and other members of the Board of Directors appointed by an Order of the Prime Minister.

The new members of the board are as follows;

Dr. Ramakrishna Sithanen is the president of the board and Evelyne Kamagaju Rutagwenda was appointed as the Vice President of the Board.

Other members on the board are: Mr. Dan Nova, Ms. Diane Ngendo Karusisi, Mr. Omari Issa,
Mr. Hannington Namara, Ms. Shivon Byamukama, Ms. Nishimwe Grace and Ms Claire Akamanzi, the CEO of RDB.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors of RDB include among other things providing the strategic vision and the plan of action of RDB and following up their implementation.

RDB was set up by bringing together all the government agencies in Rwanda responsible for the entire investor experience under one roof.

This included key agencies responsible for business registration, investment promotion, environmental clearances, privatization and specialist agencies which support the priority sectors of ICT and tourism as well as SMEs and human capacity development in the private sector. The RDB is independent and influential and it reports directly to the President.

RDB has been instrumental in fast tracking economic development in Rwanda by enabling private sector growth. The scope of its work includes all aspects related to the development of the private sector. This involves working with and addressing the needs of companies of all sizes (large, SMEs) and both local and foreign investors.




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