PSF Accountability -Day to Deliberate on Agricultural Sector Development

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The upcoming Accountability -Day organized by Private Sector Federation through its Chamber of farmers and in partnership with the Kingdom of Netherlands will tackle various issues concerning the sector and how best to  develop the sector.

The event that will take place from December 2nd to 5th 2016 at Gikondo Expo grounds will be attended by government officials, experts in the sector, civil society and farmers to discuss pertinent issues in the   agriculture as well as sustainable food security.

The event that is set to attract more than 400 farmers across the country will as well showcase agricultural produce, share experiences and discuss issues aimed at improving production for both local market and international.

“This is a great opportunity for us in the chamber of farmers to discuss the issues concerning our sector and how to improve the production,” said Christine Murebwayire, the chairperson of Chamber of Rwanda farmers under PSF.

She further observed that the event will be a good opportunity to share experiences and learn good practices from experts across various countries such as Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo Brazzaville with whom PSF has cultivated good relations.

“There is a lot to talk about in the sector and we will have Exhibition whereby participants will observe what is produced in the agricultural sector,” she further explained.

She noted that on the agenda of the Accountability Day, with the assistance from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and East African Affairs (MINEACOM) and the National Agricultural Exports Development Board (NAEB), participants will discuss challenges on the market like packaging and International certification as well as market demand.

Through the networking sessions that will take place, farmers will have the opportunity to be connected to big companies who will potentially buy their produce in future or even facilitate them to build their production capacity. During the event, the present financial institutions will have the opportunity to link up with the farmers to learn more about the available funds and how to access it to grow their businesses.

For the public visiting the Expo, Murebwayire explained that consumers will have a great opportunity to learn about the companies that package the products they purchase in the market and even the farmers who produce the food.



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