Presidential Hopefuls Have 25 Days to Submit Credentials to NEC

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Habineza Frank has on Monday June 12, become the first aspirant to submit his credentials to National Electoral commission

 The next 27 days have a significant influence on the choice of a person who will become president of Rwanda in the August 3, presidential elections.

Today, Presidential hopefuls in Rwanda started submitting their candidatures to National electoral commission (NEC) that will determine who qualifies to contest in the August 4th Presidential elections.

In the meantime, Habineza has on Monday June 12, become the first aspirant to submit his credentials to National Electoral commission.

“I am sure that I will win the presidential polls by at least 51 percent” Habineza said after presenting his papers.

NEC will continue receiving credentials from potential candidates until July 7th when qualified candidates will be announced.

Candidates will campaign for 34days before 4, August when voters will go to polls to cast their votes.

Currently, the ruling party RPF Inkotanyi at the Provincial and City of Kigali level, already endorsed incumbent President Kagame as the party’s next flag bearer.

RPF party is yet to hold its general assembly in which it will decide on the final endorsement of its flag-bearer.

On December 17, 2016, Dr. Frank Habineza of the Democratic Green Party told his supporters after endorsing him that: “I have accepted your request to represent you as the presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential election.”

After Habineza, two other presidential aspirants Gilbert Mwenedata and Fred S. Barafinda- who are less known to the general public also presented their campaign credentials which include 15 requirements for approval by NEC.

Other hopefuls expected to present their papers include; Philippe Mpayimana, a former journalist and long self-exiled Rwandan in France,Diana Shimwa Rwigara- daughter of decease tycoon Asinapol Rwigara.

Rwigara, 35, is the only female aspirant in the 2017 presidential race.

Meanwhile, Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Liberal Party (PL) already endorsed Paul Kagame as their flag-bearer.

PS Imberakuri, another opposition party, yesterday held its congress and announced it will not have a flag-bearer, citing “The party is still building itself and finds it not the right time to join presidential race.”

However, the party President Christine Mukabunani told journalists that: “This decision will not stop our members from casting their votes just like any other citizen when Election Day comes.” Other political parties have not yet announced their stand.

There are 11 political parties in Rwanda. Those that have not announced anything in relation to Presidential elections include; l’Union Démocratique du Peuple Rwandais (UDPR).

The Party for Progress and Concord (PPC) which had a flag bearer – Alivera Mukabaramba in 2003 pools did not announce their stand neither and so is the  Centrist Democratic Party (PDC), the Rwandese Labour Party (PSR) and Party for Solidarity and Progress (PSP).

Parti Democrate Ideal (PDI) whose leader is former Internal Minister Musa Fazil Harerimana did not approve any candidate, too.

Among others, Candidates endorsed by their political parties will have to attach a letter of approval by their parties.





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