Post Office looks at digitizing services

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Post Office looks at digitizing services

It is known as a parcel carrier and the parastatal that has long dragged its feet towards adapting   digital approach of service delivery.

But this would end soon, as the oldest  parcel  carrier  now   plans to  digitize  its services to increase efficiency  in service delivery as well as  fitting  in  the stiff  completion  from  its rivals.

The national Post-Office is working   on a platform to facilitate Short Message Service- SMS where post office box holders can receive messages on the status of their post boxes.

Celestine Kayitare, Director General of National Post Office, Rwanda says that   clients will be bale to receive messages in case there is a parcel delivered to their boxes.

“We expect to launch this application by March next year (2015) and this will help us to be part of the digital world,” said Kayitare.

The platform will also help the post office to engage in mass short messages to individuals or organizations that would have messages received by their target audience.

This according to experts will increase the national carrier’s competitive advantage considering that trust it has among the folks.

“ Being  an  established  body, the customers  would rather  use it(post office) than going for  private  companies, since  it is easier to  us for  compensation in case of any loss,” said Job Opar, consumer consultant.

Previously one had to frequently visit their post office box to see whether they have documents, something that would  force clients opt for other means.

Kayitare notes that the   National   Post office will also venture into gift deliveries where people would choose flowers electronically and would be delivered to their loved ones.

“This is yet another innovation in our products and we are looking at  providing  convenience  and  efficiency  in  service delivery to our customers,”  he said  as the  National carrier  celebrated  the International Post  office day.

If this is done,  experts say will  help the national  carrier  reshape its  business image  that  has been  out competed by  the emerging  digital   message transmissions.

“It is not that we have not been interested in moving to the digital world, it is because such shift requires heavy investment which we didn’t have,” He noted

The National  Post Office is  a Government-owned corporation  which  is a profit making and  is charged with  parcel  and  information delivery   with its  big  client  being public  institutions.

But Kayitare is optimistic that as the   institution continues to   be profitable, for example having been able to post Rwf 121 million by end of   December 2013 will collectively help to increase more revenues to   invest.



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