Police recover stolen electronics, five arrested

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Police in Nyarugenge District have burst a racket of five suspected thieves said to have been involved in theft of electronics in the City of Kigali.

The suspects were arrested on January 4 in Kanyinya Sector following investigations into the Tuesday night theft at Groupe Scolaire Nzove, also in Kanyinya, where assortment of electronics were stolen after breaking into the school computer laboratory.

All the stolen electronics including six computer desktops, a flat television screen, two DVD players and a keyboard were also recovered from the suspects’ hide out in Kanyinya.

Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu, the police spokesperson for the City of Kigali identified the suspects as Martin Ndahayo, Celestin Nambajimana, Cyprian Ndagijimana, Donat Rubayiza, Valens Ndagijimana, who are currently held at Kigali Police Station.

“Normally, the school has two guards who alternate on both day and night shifts; but on the day the robbery, one guard was late for work and the other instead left the school unattended to, and this is when thieves broke into the computer lab and stole the electronics,” Supt. Hitayezu said.

“When the night guard showed up for work, he realised there had been a break-in and reported to the school administration, who in turn reported the matter to police,” he added.

“During investigations that started immediately that night, officers working with the residents, saw Ndahayo carrying a box later in the night, they trailed him until he led them to Rubayiza house where other missing items were recovered,” said Hitayezu.

He thanked the residents around the school, who facilitated the investigations but went on to urge schools to always monitor shifts and performance of their guards to prevent such leakages that can be utilized by thieves.

He also called for early reporting in case of theft or any other incident, which he said it facilitates early investigations, quick recovery of the stolen equipment and arrest of culprits.


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