Parents Urged Not to Leave Children Unattended

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Rwanda National Police (RNP) has called upon parents and guardians to take precaution and monitor their children while playing or moving around water bodies and ponds.

The call comes in a wake of a drowning incident where a six-year old girl slipped and fell into a pond in Gakingo cell, Shingiro sector of Musanze Disrict.

According to the Northern Region police spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Innocent Gasasira, “Our preliminary investigations indicate that the girl was not attended to by the time she went near the pond.

“We inform parents and guardians to always monitor their children, and never leave babies alone especially in places where there are ponds and other things that can be harmful,” said the spokesperson.

According to the Police, children who die from drowning fall in water while their caretakers are absent or preoccupied with other activities.

Police urges the public to be cautious especially during the rainy season as drowning cases are likely to increase.

Parents and guardians are urged to watch out for children and ensure that they are accompanied outdoors.

In a related development another incident was recently reported in Tetero cell, Kavumu sector of Ngororero District where a 20-year old man identified as David Tuyisenge drowned in Ramba River.

Drowning incidents involving adults, are said to be caused by drunkenness, those under the influence of illicit drugs, and in other cases suicide, illegal fishing especially at night.

RNP statistics indicate that about 100 people have drowned in the last two years across the country.




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