Over 500 litters of illicit brew destroyed in Kayonza

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 Police in Kayonza District have seized and destroyed about 500 liters of Kanyanga, a banned gin classified as psychotropic substances in Rwanda. They were seized in varied police operations.
The exercise to pour the illicit gin was held in Nyamirama Sector where hundreds of residents were urged to take the lead in fighting drug abuse.
 Besides, Kanyanga, residents also witnessed the destruction of several substances including 23 pipes used in distillation of kanyanga and 40kgs of cannabis.

While addressing resident, the District Police Commander (DPC) Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) John Nsanzimana tutored them on dangers of abusing drugs saying that drugs not only wreck families but also have a close link to several other crimes like assault, rape and theft.

The destruction of seized substances came after residents attended public court hearing of nine people from the area who were being tried on charges of drug trafficking.

After the trial, CIP Nsanzimana spoke at length about the physiological, social, security and economic effects of drug abuse saying that “abuse of drugs is costly for our society and a burden on the economy and communities’ social welfare. ”

“For your own safety you should not let any drug abuse go unpunished. Whenever you encounter one, inform the police or other relevant authorities immediately,” he said.

He observed that drug abuse occurs most frequently among young people either those who have joined or about to join the workforce.

The Mayor of Kayonza District, Jean Claude Murenzi, told residents that, “consumption of illicit drugs limits chances of entering or remaining in the workforce and drug consumption creates a vicious circle of security and development challenges,” he said.

He asked residents to put much effort in identifying traffickers and consumers, the routes traffickers use and collectively block these routes by providing information to police.


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