Nyagatare, Gatsibo motorcyclists warned against use of porous borders

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Police in Gastibo and Nyagatare districts have been warned against tendencies of transporting people across borders using porous borderlines.

In the two separate meeting presided over by the District Police Commanders of the two districts, the motorcyclists were reminded of the legal consequences and that such acts amount to “illegal cross-border” which is a crime.

In Nyagatare, the DPC, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Johnson Sesonga, said: “The moment you  are found crossing through porous borders, you will be considered a suspected criminal; besides that, always report to police anyone who attempts to enter or leave the country through illegal channels.”

He reminded them that criminals such as drug traffickers and smugglers prefer to use the services of motorists when committing such cross-border crimes, an act that in some cases facilitated by motorcyclists as well.

“We have also encountered some cases of criminals who masquerade as commercial motorcyclists and this is why we urge you to cooperate with security organs by providing information of suspected individuals for a quick response and  arrest,” CSP Sesonga said.

He reminded them to maintain discipline on the road by respecting traffic rules and regulations for their own safety and the passengers.

A similar message was echoed by Gatsibo DPC, Superintendent of Police (SP) Eric Kabera who further urged motorcyclists to refrain from drug related crimes and smuggling.

He also asked to enhance their cooperation with security organs advance public safety.

“The partnership between the Police and commercial motorcyclists is relatively good, but we want to this it further by identifying some members who tarnish your image and involve in criminal activities, ” Supt. Kabera said.

The DPC challenged motorists that the faster they share information with security organs, the better they contribute to public safety through crime prevention.

Like in Nyagatare, commercial motorcyclists operating in Gatsibo were also urged to also abide by traffic rules and regulations to prevent fatal accidents.


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