New water plant to address city water woes in Bugesera

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By Daniel Sabiiti


Residents of Bugesera district will soon end their plight for clean and safe water once the proposed Kanyonyombya water plant is completed.

The plant is now under its final construction stages in Gashora marshland area in Bugesera district, eastern province of Rwanda and it is expected to cost Rwf4billion.

So far Rwf400million has been injected in the project and another Rwf700million set for the next fiscal year budget.

Eric Ruzindaza, the district mayor in-charge of economic affairs says that the plant will produce 2500 cubic meters (40 percent) of the water needed in the area by the year 2017 and 2018 when it will be functioning in full swing.

The contribution of this plant will be a major support to the district, which is located in a semi-arid area, and needs about 10.000 cubic meters of water to satisfy its population but only 3600 cubic meters are availed for now.

Valerie Mukamurigo, a resident of Gashora sector says that the plant it has great importance to her livelihood among other residents.

“We fetch water far away in wetlands and it is not clean water- which is a threat to our health since most residents don’t have time to waste boiling the water before use” Mukamurigo said.

Another resident , Vicent Turikubwayo, a water sales dealer says that he has been out of business because of shortage of water supply and the taps have remained as a decoration since the shortages take months.

The district apparently plans on building another water plant in Ntarama sector to counteract the water shortages in the area which has seen only 52 percent of the population access clean water.








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